Drug used to help addicts now being abused, sold on Tennessee streets

(Photo: WKRN)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Heroin and prescription pills continue to be a problem across the nation and it’s a problem Middle Tennessee is not immune to.

WKRN  spoke with Janet Hobson, who is the head of the Davidson County drug court.

“When I first entered this field, what I saw were people addicted to cocaine, crack cocaine and alcohol,” she recalled. “The individuals we have in the program, they are reporting their primary drugs of choice to be meth, prescription pills and heroin.”

Now, however, a drug that is used to help people who suffer from addiction, Suboxone, is being abused and even sold on the street.

“Some of the individuals are reporting that their drug of choice is Suboxone,” Hobson said. “They have been using opiates and now Suboxone has been a lot easier now to get on the streets.”

Matt Vicente, a recovering heroin addict, told WKRN it’s not necessarily that difficult to get the drug.

“You could lie and tell them you have been addicted to pills a year or so and you need something to get off and then all of a sudden, you are getting three Suboxone a day,” he said.

Recovering addict, Timothy Romo added, “You could get it for 20 bucks and you could be ok for the day and not have withdrawals or anything.”

For more information on Davidson County drug court, click here.

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