Knox County students learn how to stop bullying

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Kids from more than a dozen Knox County schools didn’t have to go to class on Wednesday so they could learn how to stop bullying.

Today’s middle and high school students are all to familiar with bullying. Even if they haven’t experienced it themselves, kids have all seen it. The Knox County students at the #UChooseKindness Campaign kickoff wanted to make a change, so they spent the whole day learning how to be a voice for their classmates and how to stop bullying in the hallways.

“It will help us spread kindness to everyone and help everybody so we can teach people not to bully and stand up for someone who doesn’t deserve to be bullied,” said Rezianae Patton, an eighth grader at Gresham Middle School.

Throughout the interactive workshop, they learned about the impact of bullying on their schools and community and how to be more inclusive.

These students are already on leadership teams within their schools, so they also learned how to encourage others to follow their lead.

“Bullying is not okay and you need to spread that word,” said Gresham Middle School seventh grader Hunter Shupe.

“If you start young, you’ll learn how to take up for it when you’re older,” said Patton.

This was the kickoff to the UChooseKindness Campaign, a yearlong effort to address the issue of bullying. You can take part by using the hashtags #UChooseKindness and #ChooseKindnessKnox.

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