Vols fan, son duped by counterfeit tickets

UT Ticket Office reports more than 300 counterfeit ticekts collected

(source: Chad Wilson)

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Getting tickets to Saturday’s rivalry match-up between the Vols and the Crimson Tide was more difficult, and more expensive, than planned for some Tennessee fans. Outside of Neyland Stadium, tickets to the game were available but as one fan found, not all of the tickets were real.

“There was a lot of build up before the game. And then once we got there we found some tickets that I thought were good and we went to lunch and walked to the stadium and when we got to the screening and got to the ticket lady where she scanned them and she said they were counterfeit tickets,” said Chad Wilson, a lifelong Vol fan.

Wilson and his 12-year-old son, Reid, traveled to Neyland Stadium from Chattanooga early Saturday morning for the game. When their tickets did not scan at the entry gate Wilson said he and his son were devastated.

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He said, “It’s sad it really is, just to go through it with my son. It was my son’s first game, just to let him down. To know that amount of fraud tickets out there is just unbelievable.”

The UT Ticket Office reported more than 300 counterfeit tickets were collected from the game, more than any other game at Neyland Stadium ever.

Unfortunately for fans like Wilson, there is not much UT officials can do other than scanning the ticket to determine if it is a fake. Associate Athletic Director Joe Arnone says that secondary sellers like StubHub or VividSeats are more reliable because they will refund the full amount if the tickets are counterfeit.

Although the Wilsons bought a second pair of tickets from a season ticket holder – another $400 expense – and were able to see the game, Wilson says he learned his lesson.

“The next time I will not buy off the street I will buy from a ticket agency that will guarantee it or friends or family,” he said.

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