Oak Ridge Fire Department rescues injured mountain biker

Injured mountain biker rescued from Haw Ridge Park (Oak Ridge)

OAK RIDGE (WATE) – The Oak Ridge Fire Department was able to rescue a man who was injured while biking at Haw Ridge Park.

The city of Oak Ridge said a 58-year-old man was biking alone, wrecked on a steep hill and broke his ankle. He called dispatch at around 5:00 p.m. Sunday. Oak Ridge emergency dispatchers where able to ping the man’s cell phone and determine he was near water.

Two other bikers assisted the man until the fire department arrived, according to the city. They said the rescuers launched a boat from Solway Park Boat Ramp by Oak Ridge Fire Department and were able to locate the injured biker within 25 minutes. He was brought by boat to an ambulance where he was taken to the hospital.

There are several biking accidents at Haw Ridge each year, according to Oak Ridge. The city said one of the most difficult parts of rescuing someone from Haw Ridge is finding their location within the park. The 911 dispatchers can ping a cell phone and provide the fire department with coordinates for the caller, but they said access and rescue can be difficult along the steep wooded trails.

If patients are on the south side of the park, the city said it is sometimes much easier to get to them by water, although the water can be very shallow in many areas. On October 28, the fire department will receive a new small rescue boat which will make it easier for them to do rescues in those shallow waters.

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