Powell purse theft caught on camera

POWELL, Tenn. (WATE) – Debbie Irwin says she always felt her home town was a safe place. Now she’s been the victim of a crime that she says is causing her to question everything.

It happened Friday evening at a Shell station on Clinton Highway. She stepped inside the convenient store for a moment and left her purse in the car. While she was inside surveillance cameras caught a man pulling up in a truck and snatching the purse right out of her window before driving away.

Debbie says her purse had valuable items inside like her birth certificate and photos of her late husband that could never be replaced.

Fortunately her purse was recovered by police a short time later. It was found in a dumpster with all of her important documents and personal items still in tact, but that doesn’t mean she feels there’s nothing to worry about.

Debbie says she is concerned the thieves might steal her identity, and even worse she’s concerned for the safety of her grandchildren.

“Powell used to be safe you didn’t have to worry about anything… now you don’t trust nobody,” she said. “I’m gonna be more alert and watch more what’s going on.”

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