UT students say new ticket system hurting chances to get Alabama tickets

New ticket system distributes tickets based on loyalty points rather than a lottery

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – For the football game against Alabama, Big Orange Tix, the group in charge of student tickets, gave away the first round of Tennessee student tickets based on loyalty points. Students get more loyalty points by attending more football games. Previously, student tickets were distributed in a lottery. After high demand and complaints from some students, the school decided to try this new system.

“As a senior, it hurts because I have watched this team grow,” said Zaire Gordon, a senior at UT.

Thousands of students will be in Neyland Stadium for the game against Alabama but some students will not be there.

“A lot of us didn’t get tickets to this game,” said senior Daniel Shelton.

As a senior, Shelton is upset because he goes to home and away games. While he did not get a ticket, some freshman did.

The university said there were more than 15,000 requests for student tickets for the Alabama game. It decided to pilot this system to address students’ concerns at this point in the season. However, some students are having trouble getting more loyalty points.

“As a senior, I have a job. I have things outside of school that I attend to so going to these extra events is already pushing,” said Gordon.

Shelton also says students who usually request tickets as a group are also hurting because of this change.

“If you have friends in your group for this specific game who don’t normally go to games, then that could pull down your loyalty points as well,” said Shelton.

Students did get a chance online Thursday morning to get unclaimed student tickets.

“I pushed the button and the site crashed multiple times,” said Gordon.

The Alabama game is one of the last times seniors can get a good view for $10.

“I wont be able to get these tickets anymore and the price of the tickets will go up with the success of the team,” said Gordon.

Some students hope the school will reconsider using the new system for future games.

“If it’s not broken, don’t break it,” said Shelton.

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