Knoxville ministry sending help to Haiti after hurricane

A young woman sells cookies, candy, and cigarettes from a stand in her front yard, now littered with the debris of fallen trees in Les Cayes, Haiti, Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2016. Hurricane Matthew has created conditions that are likely to cause an increase in the deadly waterborne cholera virus. (AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell)

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – It has been a little over a week since Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti and started its trek towards the United States.

The cleanup is beginning in Haiti in the many towns devastated by Hurricane Matthew, including Coastal Les Anglais.

Knoxville-based Harvest Field Ministries has worked there for years.

“Originally the pictures that we saw were a bit distant from Les Anglais, and as the roads were cleared somewhat and people they were able to cross the river into Les Anglais and get a get us pictures,” said Dr. Greg Blackmon with Harvest Field Ministries.

They spent days waiting to hear from their partners in Haiti after the hurricane moved through. Once they did the extent of the damage was clear. 240 were killed just in Les Anglais. Only 100 of the 4,000 homes are still standing.

“The catholic church which had been built in around 1905, the roof had been completely demolished. We had aerial photos from a pilot that had been working in Haiti which demonstrated that our orphanage survived with only minimal damage to the kitchen area,” said Dr. Blackmon.

Dr. Blackmon and his wife are pediatricians in Knoxville. They are now planning to head south to offer medical help.

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“Reports that we have that the clinic is full of patients. Many of those patients were injured in the hurricane. Unfortunately in the future we anticipate a big need of IV fluids and hydration because cholera is going to be an issue due to lack of clean drinking water,” Dr. Blackmon said.

They partnered with Mission of Hope and HaitiOne to bring in a barge with 50,000 meals earlier this week and are still pushing forward as the toll the hurricane took sets in.

“Many organizations are working to get resources to Les Anglais and this will be a long-term project,” Dr. Blackmon said.

If you would like to help donate to help the cause, you can do so on the Harvest Field Ministry website.

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