Ober Gatlinburg begins making snow

GATLINBURG (WATE) – It is starting to feel more like fall, but some places are jumping ahead a season and looking forward to winter already.

One place you can find a wintry scene right now is Ober Gatlinburg where snow is already falling. They started making snow on their tubing slope Friday.

Ober Gatlinburg starts spraying their “Snow Magic” product every fall on the tubing slopes. The temperatures still need to drop just a little to see snow on the ski slopes. This year Ober Gatlinburg added some new snow-making equipment that now lets them spout up to 300 tons in a 24 hour period which should keep them in better shape should we face another warmer than average winter.

“The snow is made in an enclosed environment and then sent through tubes which you see behind me. Basically we need to have it above freezing up to 70 degrees about,” said Kate Barido with Ober. “People are pretty surprised that we have snow-making right now, but we do need to start this early so we can be ready the Saturday before Thanksgiving every year. It’s a welcomed excitement. You always see the cameras come out and do snow selfies. The buzz is wonderful to hear.”

Right now at Ober Gatlinburg Oktoberfest is still going on. November 18 is the Back in Blue Rail Jam on the tubing slopes. Snow tubing will open on November 19.

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