East Tennessee lawmaker travels to Colorado to learn about cannabis laws concerning medical use

State Rep. Jeremy Faison

COLORADO SPRINGS, Co. (WATE) – A Tennessee lawmaker traveled to Colorado to find out more on the state’s cannabis laws.

Rep. Jeremy Faison is using a video blog to document his trip. The state representative, who is over all of Cocke County, and parts of Greene and Jefferson counties, is hoping to learn how the cannabis plant is being used medically. He plans to meet with neurologists, scientists, lawmakers, law enforcement, veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder and farmers.

On Facebook Faison said,

“I am increasingly astounded at the horrific side effects of many drugs that the FDA has deemed safe. My goal is to obtain first-hand knowledge of the pros and cons of the legalization of medicinal cannabis. I am not at all in favor of the recreational use of marijuana. I am concerned with the health of our veterans, Hospice patients, cancer patients, adults and children with seizure disorders, the mentally ill, and a myriad of other physical struggles.”

Also, Faison is meeting with former Tennessee residents who moved to Colorado for health reasons. To watch Faison’s videos, visit his Facebook page.

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