Kroger accepts donations for Hurricane Matthew disaster relief

Abandoned cars sit in flood waters on Atlantic Avenue near Crabtree Creek in Raleigh, N.C., after Hurricane Matthew caused downed trees and flooding Sunday, Oct. 9, 2016. Hurricane Matthew's torrential rains triggered severe flooding in North Carolina on Sunday as the deteriorating storm made its exit to the sea, and thousands of people had to be rescued from their homes and cars. (Travis Long/The News & Observer via AP)

NASHVILLE (WATE) – Kroger is partnering with the American Red Cross to raise money for those affected by Hurricane Matthew. Starting Monday, donations will be accepted at all Middle and East Tennessee Kroger stores, Northern Alabama Kroger stores, and Southern Kentucky Kroger stores.

All donations will be forwarded directly to the American Red Cross for disaster relief efforts. Customers can add any amount they wish to their total purchase at checkout time. The amount of the tax deductible donation will appear on the receipt as a contribution to the American Red Cross.

The death toll from Hurricane Matthew in the United States stands at 21. North Carolina reports 10 deaths with four in Florida, three in South Carolina, three in Georgia and one in Virginia. The storm left behind major flooding, power outages and other damage. The storm killed more than 500 people in Haiti.

More coverage: Hurricane Matthew

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