Knoxville Fire Department: Make sure you check your smoke alarms

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – The Knoxville Fire Department is doing their best to educate the public on fire prevention. Part of that is making sure you know what to do in case of a fire.

Everyone has heard those stories of someone’s life being saved thanks to smoke alarms and detectors going off from their homes. Firefighters want you to know exactly what you need to do in case of a fire and that means having the right tools in your home.

Captain D.J. Corcoran with the Knoxville Fire Department says families need to keep their homes safe. “One of the best tools you can have is a working smoke alarm. It’s not going to put the fire out, but it will give them that early detection and get them out safely,” he said.

Every second counts and the Knoxville Fire Department is reminding families about this during Fire Prevention Week, a week to impact and educate communities about fire prevention.

“There’s nothing more rewarding for firefighters that have a working fire and they see those family members outside safely,” said Corcoran.

The goal this week is to make sure everyone understands the risks and if you don’t have a smoke detector, there’s help. “Call the fire department, call 311 and we’ll come out and we’ll install one for you,” he said.

Corcoran says few know how old their smoke alarms are and how often they need to be replaced, which is something we should all be aware of.

“They encourage people to replace them every 10 years,” said Corcoran. The theme for this week is “Don’t wait, check the date.”

Other events the Knoxville Fire Department will be hosting later this week include a memorial Wednesday afternoon and an evening with the firefighters Thursday night in Market Square. The evening with the firefighters will include a live band while roasting marshmallows around a fire pit.

Demonstrations of CPR and how to use a fire extinguisher will also be available.

Safety tips for fall

The National Fire Prevention Association deems October as Fire Prevention Month. In 1871, Chicago saw one of the worst fires in U.S. history, which left most of the town in ash. During this month, fire services across the country will be encouraging the public to be fire safe.

  • If you plan on heating your home by burning wood, make sure you have properly cleaned any cresol from your chimney. Only use seasoned hardwood in your fireplace. Green wood or damp wood will not burn efficient enough to reduce the threat of cresol build up.
  • One of the most important tools to have in your arsenal for fighting fire is a SMOKE ALARM. These devices are inexpensive and can definitely save your life. If you live inside the city and need a smoke alarm, call 311, and firefighters will install one free of charge.

Fire prevention month events

  • Firefighter Memorial – 11:30am – 1:00pm, Wednesday, October 12, 600 Summit Hill, Fire station #1, Honoring Line of Duty deaths and retired firefighters who have passed
  • An Evening with the Firefighters on Market Square – 5:00 pm.. – 9:00 p.m., Thursday, October 13, Market Square, Music, Knoxville Fire Department history, CPR, fire extinguishers, marshmallows
  • 911 Memorial Stair Climb – 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m., Saturday, October 29, Sunsphere, Honoring firefighters and all that died on September 11

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