Senator Bob Corker reacts to Trump’s offensive comments about women

Donald Trump (Left) and Senator Bob Corker (Right) (AP)

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WATE) – Donald Trump is on the defensive after lewd comments he made in 2005 were caught on tape and recently leaked to the public.

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Now Senator Bob Corker is reacting to the comments. He released a statement Saturday afternoon saying, “These comments are obviously very inappropriate and offensive and his apology was absolutely necessary.”

He also released comments on the presidential election and foreign relations and the upcoming presidential debate.

“Like most Americans who are witnessing the most unprecedented presidential campaign of their lifetime with dismay, each of us is trying to determine the most responsible manner in which to conduct ourselves and move our country forward.

“During my time leading the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, we have worked to ensure it is a place where we seek to find productive bipartisan solutions to our foreign policy challenges. Whenever issues have arisen that we believe might be used solely for partisan political purposes, I have met privately in a classified setting with my counterpart, sought intelligence input, and tried to discern the best way to operate our committee in a manner that focuses solely on what is best for U.S. national interests.

“During this campaign cycle, I have been contacted by multiple campaigns, candidates, and allies around the world, seeking input regarding foreign policy matters and U.S. national interests. I continue to make myself available to all entities who are in a position or may be in a position to influence how our nation leads in a very troubled world, and I will be watching tomorrow night’s debate very closely.”




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