Missing Morristown woman’s family holds vigil, asks for answers

MORRISTOWN (WATE) – A family is looking for answers and continuing to search for their missing loved one. On Saturday night they held a candlelight vigil for Inesha Haygood, missing for more than 9 months.

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Haygood’s family tells us since she disappeared in December 2015, life has been agonizing without her. While the Morristown Police Department has made an arrest in connection to the case, Haygood still hasn’t been found.

In February, Simeon Mendoza was arrested by Morristown Police and is facing charges on making false statements relating to Haygood’s disappearance.

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Brenda Haygood’s house just doesn’t feel like home, “I wouldn’t let nobody suffer like this.”

As each month passes, more questions seem to pop up. What happened to her daughter?

“In 10 months we’re right where we started. We have no clues, we have no leads, we have nothing,” she said.

All the family knows today is that Inesha hasn’t been seen since December 28th, 2015 walking from her home on Lakeview Circle in Morristown.

“I just want my daughter. I mean, nobody should have to live like this,” said Haygood.

As the sun sank on Saturday, family and loved ones gathered near Cherokee Park to hold a candlelight vigil. They say it was to let her know they love her.

“You feel like you don’t know what to do, it ain’t nothing you can do. So, it gets hard on you but I gotta be strong for my mom,” said Inesha’s brother Emanuel Haygood.

Under the glow of candlelight, they shared poems praying Inesha comes back.

“It’s hard when you have a little girl that’s 8 years old, asking where her mom is and that’s one answer you can’t give her,” said one of Inesha’s friends.

“The roughest part is just not knowing,” said Haygood.

While the family waits for answers, there’s one thing Inesha’s mom says goes without question, “She knows that her momma’s never gonna give up, no matter what it takes.”

Investigators still need help finding her, so they’re asking the community to call their tip hotline at (423)585-1833 where tips can be made anonymously.

Haygood is a black female, 5’6” tall, and weighs approximately 120-125 pounds. She has three tattoos: “Jezz-lyn” on the left side of her neck, “Robert Allen” on her left chest, and a small heart-shaped tattoo on her ankle. She is not wanted for any criminal action.

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