Too early for Christmas shopping? Millions of Americans have already begun

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Forget Halloween. More than 30 million Americans have already started Christmas shopping, according to a new report from

While many consumers think of the holiday shopping season as traditionally starting after Thanksgiving, the survey found today’s shoppers are eager to get a head start. One in seven adults said they had already begun their holiday shopping and 15 percent of Americans said they will shop earlier this year than last.

“We love to complain about store putting up holiday displays earlier and earlier each year, but the truth is that millions of Americans start holiday shopping long before the first Christmas tree appears in a store,” industry analyst Matt Schultz said in a statement.

The survey found 73 percent of adults agreed with the statement “it is annoying that the holiday shopping season has gotten earlier.” Forty-eight percent strongly agree. Just 21 percent disagreed.

The poll was conducted September 15-18 and featured 1,000 adults from across the country.

Experts say starting shopping earlier can be beneficial, because it allows shoppers to spread the expense of buying presents over multiple pay-checks. Last year shoppers spent an average of $882 on presents according to an American Research Group survey.

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