2 West Virginia women arrested after deputies see ‘snitches’ sign

(Fayette County Sheriff's department)

FAYYETTEVILLE, W.V. (WATE) – One woman was busted on heroin and methamphetamine charges after deputies found a sign warning “snitches” they are subject to search.

According to Fayette County Sheriff’s Department, deputies were following-up on a joy-riding complaint at a residence when they found the sign. It stated “Due to snitches, everyone entering my home is subject to being searched. All cellphones and drinks will be left outside!!! (If you’re not a snitch it won’t offend you if I search you!!).”

Deputies searched the residence and found drugs. The owner of the residence April Lynn Lavender, 38, was charged with possessing a controlled substance with the intent to deliver. Kristie Weis, 22 charged with misdemeanor offense of joyriding.

“While drug investigations often require a great deal of time and effort, sometimes the criminals make our job pretty easy,” said Sheriff Kessler. “If someone posts a sign on their front door about searching ‘snitches,’ it’s a pretty safe bet that there are illegal drugs being sold out of that location.”


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