Tennessee fans recovering after roller coaster win over Georgia

Volunteer football fans around the world spent the day breathing a sigh of relief one day after the Vols achieved a last minute victory over the Georgia Bulldogs, keeping their perfect 5-0 record alive.

 Fans admitted that they were beginning to accept defeat to their SEC rival until Joshua Dobbs threw a 43-yard touchdown pass to Jauan Jennings to win the game.

“I had definitely lost faith and given up,” Mary Standridge said. “I was just sitting there depressed and when he threw that ball and it was caught, we went crazy. My husband and I, we both jumped up and went wild.”

Sports Source host John Pennington said it’s a game that will go down in history.

“It’s a victory for the ages,” Pennington said. “I mean when you think about the odds of winning on a hail mary pass at the end, it’s one million to one. You don’t win games like that. There are people who were at that game that will be talking about it to their grandchildren someday.”

For longtime Vols fans, the surprise victory feels extra special, after watching their team have less command on the field in recent years.

“There have been a lot of ups and downs,” Logan Burnette said. “ I remember when I was little we were really successful. Then through high school and college, I went through the hard times with the Vols but now things look like they’re looking up and it’s hopefully a brighter future going forward.”

Though the Vols have played multiple games with rocky starts, fans are making bold predictions for the rest of the season.

“I think they are finally getting it together and they’re a very gritty team and they’re going to go all the way,” Standridge said.

But despite the momentum on their side, experts said the Vols have some work to do before taking on Texas A&M next week, a game with so much hype that it will be featured on ESPN’s College GameDay. This marks the third time the crew has preceded a Tennessee game this year.

“Coming up they’re going to have to cut down on the mistakes,” Pennington said. “But you got to like what the team’s done so far: covering its flaws, making up the mistakes and never quitting. What else could you ask for as you’re heading into the back end of this four game stretch.”

The Tennessee win Saturday keeps the Vols undefeated. The last time they held this record was in 1998, the year the team won the National Championship.

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