Political talk show encouraging young voters to go to the polls

A radio station in Knoxville is calling on the youth to get out and vote

KNOXVILLE (WATE)- With just 36 days left before voters head to the polls, a radio station in Knoxville is calling on the youth to get out and vote. A panel on HOT 104.5 is telling young voters that their votes do count.

“One vote and one voice matters. One vote can decide an election,” said Tristan Smith, a student at UT and one of the people brought on the show.

Tristan Smith is encouraging other eligible voters in college to register to vote.

“We are really focusing on getting people to the polls for all elections,” said Smith.

Hot 104.5 brought on Smith and two representatives of MyTimeToVote, an organization proving citizens with State and Federal election information. The conversation during the show covered voter registration, the elector college and reasons why people should go to the polls.

“Decisions are made by those who show up,” said Smith.

Smith feels too often, voters his age are not showing up.

“You really cant say, ‘I wish that person had won or I wish that person hadn’t won’ because you are not expressing the greatest right we have as citizens,” said Smith.

Mean Jean,a night host at HOT 104.5 led the conversation.

“Especially younger voters, a lot of them feel their vote does not matter. So, we brought some people in to explain why it matters,” said Jean.

The panel talked about why all votes matter during Presidential elections, even if the person is a Democrat in a red state.

“I definitely think you see the need for change in Tennessee. You can make that goal happen by voting for your House and Senate districts,” said Smith.

Smith emphasized that local elections are important as well.

“Look at the strip. that was a decision made by local government. It’s a good decision but I think a lot of people complain and don’t understand why that decision was made,” said Smith.

To have a say in those decisions, the last day to register to vote is October 11th.

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