TSB to offer free Orange nails and hair color after Vols victory

Butch Jones' barber Nate Farmer gives a "Butch" cut.

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Tennessee School of Beauty Continues Free ‘Butch’ Cuts, and adds Free Orange Nails, Hair Color following Vols Victory Over Georgia

Owner Adam Brown is following through on his promise, and then some.

Brown, owner of Tennessee School of Beauty, challenged the Volunteers to beat Georgia. An exciting, nail-biter of a Hail Mary victory for the Vols means the free ‘Butch’ cuts that began after the Florida game will continue through the rest of the regular season. Vols fans can also choose to get orange nail polish or orange hair color.

“It’s an exciting year for the team,” Brown says, “and we’ve had a blast doing ‘Butch’ cuts this past week. We want to continue to celebrate Coach Jones, and we want to do something for all female Vols fans too. Think of us as fan central for all Volunteer fans, whether they want hair like Coach Jones or they want to sport the team colors on their nails or hair,”‘Brown says.

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