City of Alcoa warns of utility phone scam

ALCOA (WATE) – The city of Alcoa is warning utility customers of a possible scam after a business owner reported getting a fraudulent phone call.

The business owner said someone called from an 866 number identifying himself as “Joe” with the “City of Alcoa Disconnect Department” and demanded a $495 payment to keep service from being disconnected. After the call, the business owner went to the City of Alcoa to check his account and found the call was a scam attempt.

The City of Alcoa says it does not call customers to ask for credit card numbers for utility payments. The city only disconnects utility service for nonpayment during regular business hours Monday through Friday and only after written notification. Anyone who gets a call demanding immediate payment should refuse.

Customers with questions or who would like to report a suspicious phone call should call the City of Alcoa at 380-4700 or Alcoa police at 981-4111.

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