Search for Campbell County missing woman stretches into 2nd week

Starla Pride (source: Family)

CARYVILLE (WATE) – A Campbell County family is worried and still hoping for answers about what happened to their missing loved one. It’s been two weeks since Starla Pride was last seen heading into a wooded area in the Shady Cove community of Campbell County.

Pride is diabetic and has a mental condition causing her to behave in a childlike manner. Campbell County deputies say she’s wandered away before but she always came home after a few hours.

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“Sitting here waiting is killing me. I just can’t hardly stand it,” said Cynthia Beheler, Pride’s cousin and caregiver.

Pride lives with Beheler and her family is worried sick.

“She didn’t just vanish. She’s out there somewhere. Somebody knows something. They have to,” said Beheler.

The search is going on 14 days and the family says they’re heartbroken trying to figure out what happened.

“She told my mom she was going to her room, but Mom heard the door shut in the back and she was gone,” said Beheler.

The Campbell County Sheriff’s Office is helping in the search and say they’ve used every resource possible. Investigators plan on searching again later this week.

“They’ve even looked in dog houses, anything abandoned, anything big enough for her to crawl in,” added Beheler.

This second week has been harder because Saturday was Pride’s birthday. Beheler says it’s been hard looking at the gifts they got her.

“We should’ve been having her party.”

So now they’re holding on to hope, praying Pride comes home.

“I got to try and keep strong for her because when they find her, she’s going to need me. And I believe they’re going to find her. I just want them to find her,” said Beheler.

The family says a $1,000 reward is being offered. Pride is 4’10, 136 pounds with blonde hair and blue eyes. She was last seen wearing a white T-shirt and green pajama pants. You’re asked to call the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office at (423) 562-8095 if you have any information.

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