10 best spots to see fall colors in East Tennessee


KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Thursday is the first day of fall and despite the hot, dry weather, some leaves are already starting to change colors, especially at higher elevations in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. While most of the foliage across the mountains is still green, if you look closely you can spot a few changing trees.

WATE 6 Storm Team Meteorologist said the highest locations in the Smokies, at 4,000 feet and above, will start seeing leaves change in early October. Across the Foothills locations at more than 2,000 feet elevation will see leaves change color in mid October. The Plateau will also see some color in early to mid October at higher elevations, while the Valley will likely see leaves changes in the third or fourth week October.

“I would imagine a lot of these leaves are changing colors, just from the stress and the dry weather that we’ve had, but there will be some beautiful colors, maybe just not as vibrant as in year’s past,” said WATE 6 Storm Team Meteorologist Ken Weathers.

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