What were you doing the last time Tennessee beat Florida in 2004?


KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Back in 2004, ‘Lord of the Rings Return of the King’ won the Oscar for Best Picture, Usher’s “Yeah!” topped the charts, Facebook was launched and that was also the last year Tennessee beat Florida. The Vols hope to end that 11 year old losing streak this Saturday. Could this year be the Vols’ year?

The game is four days away and Vol fans are ready.

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“I’ve got a couple big tailgates planned for when we win. I’m pumped. It’s going to be one of the highlights of my senior year,” said UT student Alex Hwang.

“I’ve honestly never been so nervous about a game. We are checkerboarding. We are wearing grey uniforms. I’m just excited to see it come together,” said UT student Chloe Armstrong.

The last win for the Vols in the rivalry with the gators was September 18, 2004. It will have been 4,389 days since seeing victory over Florida on Saturday.

Russ Hollingsworth remembers the last time Tennessee beat Florida vividly.

“The last time the Vols beat the Gators I was actually on the sideline shooting the game for UT athletics and it was a really great experience,” said Hollingsworth.

“I do remember it because our daughter is a Florida graduate so we have a split home and we remember the win very sweetly,” said Molly Graham.

Fans also shared what they would give up for the Vols to get the win over the Gators.

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“I’d probably give up a fair amount of the rest of the season, some tickets honestly, just to see them win this one game,” said UT student Aren Edwards.

“If we would win, I would pass on going to medical school my first year. Don’t tell the dean that, but yeah, that holds close. I don’t have a firstborn, but if I did, I’d give up my first born too,” said Hwang, jokingly.

“I would sacrifice all my weekends for a month for the Vols to win that’s a big sacrifice for a college student for the Vols to win,” said Rheanna Patterson.

What would you give up for a Vols win over the Gators? Chime in on our Facebook page.

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