Brain aneurysm support group meets for first time in Gatlinburg


GATLINBURG (WATE) – A group of people had an emotional first meeting, Sunday afternoon, in Gatlinburg.

That group belonging to a Facebook support group call “Brain Aneurysm A-V-M Community Togetherness.”

The Facebook page has been a way for the members to communicate about the symptoms and to support one another after enduring a brain aneurysm.

The group of individuals has communicated on that page for a long time and the organizers decided it was time to meet face-to-face for the first time.

The group has approximately 2,400 members, but only 40 were able to make the trip to Gatlinburg.

Brain aneurysm survivor, Sharon Adams, says she felt like it was time to meet.

“We’ve always got people on there talking about stories or coming to that room first and saying this is happening to me has anyone else experienced this? People will start jumping in. We hope by meeting and just being together that this is something bigger than we are now,” she said.

Adams also said this page is an invaluable tool for support.

“The page? It’s kind of like a business that never closes. The page is open 24-7 with the different time zones,” Adams said.

The organizers of the group say they hope those who attended are leaving knowing that they aren’t alone.

They hope to continue to do a retreat in Gatlinburg once or twice a year.


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