Thief caught on camera stealing lawnmower in Oneida during 9/11 parade

ONEIDA (WATE) – North Star Outdoor, a small equipment store in Oneida took a serious hit over the weekend. Police are looking for a man they say is responsible for getting away with an $8,000 lawnmower.

“It doesn’t happen very often but when it does it’s a shock – well it surprised us really,” said owner Mearle Marcum.

Marcum is grateful the alleged suspect was caught on cameras that were just installed two days before the crime.

“So I guess we’re lucky in that sense,” he said.

The man got away with the equipment while the county was having its September 11 parade, honoring victims who died on that tragic day, which is upsetting to Oneida Police Investigator Dustin Burke.

“It’s insulting to us especially on 9/11 when we’re honoring the fallen victims and celebrating the United States. For somebody to come in here and take what’s not theirs it’s not right it’s wrong. All things must come to an end. It needs to come an end, definitely there is no sense in having somebody else to have their property stolen from them,” said Burke.

Investigators believe the wanted man is also connected to a trailer being stolen in Cumberland County. They say when he left the store he was heading toward Kentucky.

The suspect stands at 5’9 and weighs around 150 lbs. Police believe his truck is an older model made between 1996 and 2000. If you know who this man is you’re urged to contact Oneida police at (423) 569-4255.

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