Gun rights advocates challenge gun ban at Knoxville’s Chilhowee Park

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Gun rights advocates are challenging the ban on guns at Knoxville’s Chilhowee Park by taking their case to the Tennessee Valley Fair.

Members of the Tennessee Firearms Association approached police outside the fair Tuesday night, asking if they would be arrested if they brought their guns into the park with their handgun permits. Police say they could not enter and would be subject to arrest if they forced their way in.

The city of Knoxville insists that Chilhowee Park isn’t covered by a change in state law on guns in park, calling Chilhowee Park an entertainment venue and nothing it doesn’t fall under the Parks and Rec Department.

Attorney Andy Fox represents TFA members in a lawsuit over this. He says the move was to establish legal standing and points to a part of the law allowing guns in places used in a similar manner to a park. He claims the city is playing “word games.”

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