Former Union County teacher responded to sexual harassment allegations last fall

Ray Lincoln Head wrote a point-by-point response in November to the allegations made against him.

Ray Head

MAYNARDVILLE (WATE) – WATE 6 on Your Side uncovered a point-by-point response from former Union County High School teacher Ray Lincoln Head at the Union County Board of Education. The response was written last November, shortly before Head resigned.

The mother of a Union County High School student has filed a federal and state lawsuit against former Union County High School teacher Ray Lincoln Head, Union County Principal Linda Harrell and Vice Principal Carmen Murphy as well as the school system. Head was charged with three counts of sexual battery in May 2016. His personnel file says he verbally resigned on November 24, 2015.

Chesire says the principal and vice-principal received multiple reports of abuse towards her daughter, but chose not to do anything for weeks.

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“It feels like he has taken the situations and reversed them in his favor,” said Jodi Chesire, the mother of the student in the law suit.

In the written response, Head denied he pressed his body against any student. He also denied making inappropriate comments to students.

“Students from all of his classes went forward to the principal and the vice principal for his behavior, so it appears everyone misunderstood Ray Head except Ray Head,” said Chesire.

Head also recalled a time the student asked to re-do a test. He said the student declined to follow him upstairs to get a copy of the test.

“I think he has admitted his guilt. If all he had been was a mentor, why would she tell him she couldn’t wait and declined him,” said Chesire.

Another point talked about his “disdain” over the student and others touching each other inappropriately.

“He is not taking responsibility for his actions. He is in turn blaming a 15-year-old girl,” said Chesire.

Finally, he noted he is truly saddened that this situation occurred.

“Well, I’m saddened this occurred and I’m sure he is saddened that he got caught,” said Chesire.

Union County High School parents are also concerned after just learning about allegations made against Head last fall.

“I hate for it to happen to somebody else but it could have been one of mine and I think we should have known,” said Tammy Shartzer, a parent.

Parents said they should have been told even if there was a possibility of sexual harassment.

“We should still be informed,” said Shartzer.

Head’s court date was reset to December 5.

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