TBI investigating 13-month-old Claiborne County girl’s death

Maci Elizabeth Tindall-Scott (source: family)

TAZEWELL (WATE) – State and local police are investigating after a 13-month-old girl died in Claiborne County last week in the midst of a child abuse investigation.

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation says they began looking into a report of possible abuse last Tuesday. The Tazewell Police Department had gone to an apartment on Tom Ball Road for a report of an unresponsive child. The 13-month-old, identified as Maci Elizabeth Tindall-Scott, was transported to East Tennessee Children’s Hospital in Knoxville.

The girl died on Thursday. Her body has been sent for an autopsy and the investigation is ongoing. The Tennessee Department of Children’s Services is also looking into the case. TBI was not able to comment on who specifically is being investigated for possible abuse.

The Tindall family shared pictures and videos of Maci learning to walk and talk.

“Her first word was Dada. She knew how to say Mama. She knew how to say hi,” said Maci’s mom Brandi Tindall.

The little girl’s family isn’t ready to say goodbye.

“Looking at this photo breaks my heart because I’m not going to see that smile, I’m not going to see those blue eyes. And this, memories are all I have now,” said Tindall.

Private funeral services were held on Tuesday, but the family says they’re confused, broken, and left with so many questions. They want to know what happened last week while a family friend watched Maci and her older brother while Tindall was at work, when that 911 call was made.

“It’s not at all fair to my daughter. Just let the justice system handle it until we get answers, until we know the truth, because none of us know anything,” added Tindall.

Waiting is not easy and family from across the country has been coming to East Tennessee to mourn. They’re wearing purple because it was Maci’s favorite color and remembering her as the charming baby who didn’t want to wear shoes.

“She really was the perfect baby. She was kind, gentle, and you could really see how passionate and sweet she was by the way she looked at you,” said her aunt Kalynn Tindall.

“Words can’t describe her,” added Maci’s mom.

The family says they’re finding comfort after donating Maci’s organs. They’ve learned so far three children have been saved by Maci’s heart, kidneys and liver.

The 13-month-old’s body was sent for an autopsy, TBI says it can take several weeks for results to be completed.

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