Vol fans counting down since 2013 for Battle at Bristol

BRISTOL (WATE) – Football fans across Tennessee have been waiting, for what seems like forever, to watch University of Tennessee to play against Virginia Tech. That weekend is finally here as we get closer to the kick off at Pilot Flying J Battle at Bristol.

One group from Chattanooga is already enjoying this once in a lifetime trip, reserving two spots at a local campground. “Took about 6, 6 and a half hours to set up,” said Kevin Phillips.

The Phillips family and their friends have been looking forward to this weekend since 2013, they made camping arrangements soon after the announcement.

“Two hours. Two hours and it’s just a timing thing because I know everything goes up and everything gets booked up,” added Phillips.

“Ready to have a good time. Ready for the game,” said Bubba Sirhan.

The group of Vols have been stocking up on tailgate essentials while they’ve waited. “You can’t have too much Tennessee stuff,” said Phillips.

“My grandfather is a truck driver for Food City so I have one of the first printed ones [shirt] for the Battle at Bristol. Not sure when I’m going to bust it out yet,” added Sirhan.

Now they’ve just got to do a little more waiting. “We drove past the stadium last night and it’s amazing. It’s huge, it’s intimidating,” said Sirhan.

But this trip is already worth the wait according to Phillips, “It’s going to be a good game. I’m hoping a different Tennessee teams shows up this week and I think they will.”

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