Uber drivers head to Bristol for big game

Jeff Rudd

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – There are several options for fans wanting to go to the Pilot Flying J Battle at Bristol, but don’t want to drive.

Many of the bus trips to Bristol are already sold out, but Uber could still be an option. At least one Knoxville Uber driver is already trying to line people up for the trip.

“I’ve got my car decked out. That’s been from day one,” said Jeff Rudd. “When it’s football time I get ramped up. I got T’s all over this thing. I think right now there’s 10 of them on the car.”

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still0908_00007Rudd has driven for Uber for about two years. Game days are usually his favorite days to work

“It’s a fun experience because I like being around the game day people. They’re crazy. They’re definitely fanatics,” said Rudd.

As a full time Uber driver Rudd is ready to drive wherever. “Not opposed to going to Nashville or Atlanta. I’ll take you wherever you got to go,” Rudd said.

Now he is planning a different trip just for this weekend. He is hoping to shuttle people to and from Bristol.

“That’s the goal right there to get at least one round-tripper. We pick them up here, take them up to Bristol, wait for them through the game and then pick them up to bring them back home safely,” he said.

Of course there is a cost to that trip. Catching an Uber from North Knoxville to Bristol Motor Speedway could cost you anywhere from $85 to $113, but on Saturday fans should expect to be pay more with surge pricing.

“There may be surges involved where the prices are slightly inflated, but it’s not ridiculous. Coming back from Bristol, the rates are different coming out of Bristol, so it may be slightly higher,” Rudd said.

Rudd said, for many, letting someone else do the driving is worth the cost.

“There’s going to be some alcohol and drinking involved I’m sure, so we want to keep everybody safe,” said Rudd. “I just want everybody to have a good safe time and go Vols!”

Rudd also said if you are considering taking Uber to Bristol, you might want schedule a trip with an Uber driver as soon as possible.

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