Milk dispenser dirty, food temperatures off at Turkey Creek restaurant

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – A restaurant known for steakburgers and shakes scored the lowest health inspection grade of the week.

The restaurant received a number of violations that could, if not corrected, potentially make customers sick. They’re risk factors that must be changed within two weeks when the inspector returns for a follow-up.

Steak ‘N Shake, 310 Wild Geese Road – Grade: 82

Steak ‘N Shake in Turkey Creek received a passing grade, but the critical violations cost 15 points off the total score.

First of all, food temperatures were off. To slow the growth of bacteria, hot dogs should be maintained at 41 degrees and below, but they were too warm. On other end of the temperature scale, at 101 degrees Chili wasn’t hot enough. The correct temperature is 135 degrees.

Also, when he checked chlorine in the dishwasher, the inspector found none. It is required under health rules.

The inspector also watched a kitchen worker placing cherries in milkshakes without wearing gloves. When the inspector checked some slicing vegetable choppers, that were put away as clean, but they had food debris on them and when the inspector checked a milk dispenser, he writes, it was filthy.

Again, the re-inspection at this Steak and Shake will be in a couple of weeks.

Web Extra: This week’s full inspection reports [PDF]

No re-inspections will be necessary at the top scoring restaurants.

Top Scores of the Week:

  • Cru Bistro, 11383 Parkside Drive – Grade: 100
  • Jimmy Johns, 11055 Parkside Drive – Grade: 100
  • Mario’s Pizza, 10943 Kingston Pike – Grade: 100
  • Archer’s BBQ, 408 S. Gay Street – Grade: 100
  • Ruby Tuesday, 508 E. Emory Road – Grade: 99
  • Olive Garden, 10923 Parkside Drive – Grade: 99
  • Little Nick’s New York Pizza, 8917 Oak Ridge Highway – Grade: 99
  • D&B Hotdogs & Ice Cream, 8909 Oak Ridge Highway – Grade: 99
  • Salsarita’s, 5224 N. Broadway – Grade: 99
  • Gatti’s Pizza, 6903 Maynardville Highway – Grade: 98
  • Cheddar’s, 6515 Clinton Highway – Grade: 96

Quite a few restaurants this week where management and staff know and follow the health inspection rules.

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