Knoxville couple worried after Comcast mix-up

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Bob and Teresa Gregory has had cable service at their home for 13 years.

They are perfectly satisfied with Comcast’s basic service. However, several times last month, technicians have came to their house to install Comcast’s Infinity Triple Play. The service bundles phone, cable and internet.

“He knocked on the door and said he was here to set up my Triple Play package on Comcast and we had not ordered it.,” said Teresa Gregory. Not only did the couple not order it, no other person has lived at their address.

Someone told the couple that a person called and made an appointment. Bob Gregory contacted Comcast. He told WATE 6 On Your Side the company said someone provided his name, address, phone and account numbers to set up the service.

“The price of that was going to be $318.57 a month,” said Bob Gregory.

Letters from Comcast’s credit department heightened their fear of identity theft. The letters had the Gregory’s address, but another person’s name.

“This person’s name is Joseph Johnson, This letter basically says they are denying his credit.,” said Bob Gregory. “That’s exactly the type of letter that we got before, the other two times, but it was two different names

Bob visited the company’s Knoxville headquarters on Asheville Highway to talk to Customer Service.

“I said, I can’t understand how somebody has my name, my address, my cell phone number and my social security number,” said Bob Gregory. “That’s the answer I want from them, how can they do this. No one has called me back, no one has talked to me.”

WATE contacted Comcast’s corporate contact in Tennessee. The company’s response to the couple was quick.

A person from the company’s security department contacted the couple. The company said a security code or watch on his name, phone number and address.

“He told me he was assigned to take care of and to stop this situation. They did say no one had revealed what my social security number was. He didn’t explain why they had my cell number and my address to my home.  He said he was still investigating that,” said Bob Gregory to WATE.

The change is now working and no one from Comcast has shown up at the couple’s home for two weeks to install the expensive service.

If you have a consumer question, contact Don Dare at or call the 6 On Your Side hotline at 865-633-5974.

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