‘Are you still in the elevator?,’ Amtrak replies to woman stuck in elevator tweet 7 months later

BALTIMORE, Md. (WATE) – Amtrak is receiving criticism for responding to a woman’s tweet that she was stuck in an elevator seven months after she sent the message.

On Valentine’s Day Amanda Carpenter was stuck in an elevator at the BWI Airport Amtrak station, located just outside of Baltimore. “Guys. I’m trapped in an amtrak elevator at BWI airport. Help?,” tweeted the CNN contributor and former communications director for Ted Cruz.

Amtrak did respond the day she was trapped by telling her the airport agents were aware she was trapped, but it wasn’t until September 7 that they followed up with her to see if she had been rescued.

“We are sorry to hear that. Are you still in the elevator?,” tweeted Amtrak. Carpenter responded back, “Oh, my thank you for this but I was trapped months ago. Like last February. Thanks for checking…? Ha.”

That’s when Amtrak explained, “@amandacarpenter Someone just re-tweeted it. Wanted to make sure. Glad you’re out :)”

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