Claiborne County Jail decertified; budget shortfall could mean property tax increase

Claiborne County Jail

NEW TAZEWELL (WATE) – Claiborne County Jail will no longer be able to accept state and federal prisoners because of overcrowding problems.

Sheriff David Ray confirmed that the state decertified Claiborne County Jail. He said the jail was certified for 210 prisoners and had 246 prisoners Wednesday.

Claiborne County Jail
Claiborne County Jail

The decertification could cause a big funding issue for the jail. According to Sheriff Ray the county has generated $14 million over the past 8.5 years from funding provided for housing state and federal inmates. He said the county has been acting on a plan of action for the past two years to alleviate the overcrowding problems.

Claiborne County Commission will meet Monday night to discuss the budget, according to Sheriff Ray. He said the shortfall may mean Claiborne County will have to institute a property tax increase.

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