Daughter fatally stabs mother in Alabama Walmart parking lot

BESSEMER, Ala. (WIAT) — Tammy Huddleston died from stab wounds last Saturday inflicted by a woman police say is her own daughter in the parking lot of Walmart in Bessemer.

A witness recorded video of the argument from their car. The video shows Tammy and her daughter Ashia Huddleston Fletcher going blow for blow.

In the video, you see a man confront a woman in a pink shirt. Police said that woman is Tammy Huddleston and the man was her son who picked her up and carried her away from the altercation.

Also in the video, her daughter whose was wearing black appears to hit her mother, then pick up something off the ground before getting back in a car that police said she left the scene in with her boyfriend.

We showed the footage to Bessemer Police Sergeant Cortice Miles, who also has a copy of the same video for their investigation, he said it’s disturbing especially because of its domestic nature.

“We know the result from it dealing with the death of the victim and for it to be caused by the victim’s own daughter Ashia Huddleston Fletcher,” said Sgt. Miles.

“That’s tragic, that’s definitely what I would refer to as the end of days when you see a child killing a parent, but to catch this on video, before this actually happened as far as the death, it’s disturbing.”

At the intersection of Mud Creek and Johns Road sits Adger Groceries, where U.S. Marshalls and Bessemer Police finally arrested Ashia Huddleston Fletcher Monday morning.

She currently sits in jail on a $250,000 dollar bond.

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