Vol fans anxious after close win against Appalachian State

Fans are starting to get a little nervous about the rest of the season after Thursday's close win.

Fans in Knoxville's Market Square feeling uneasy after Tennessee's season opening performance.

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – The Vols escaped with a win Thursday night but the season-opener left fans with uneasy nerves and probably some well-chewed fingernails. The close win against Appalachian State was not the way fans wanted the season to start.

“Well, I definitely thought I was going to chew my thumb off from my fingernails. It was definitely a nail biter,” said Ryan Spiller, a Vol fan.

Emotions ran high during Thursday night’s game and fans are still surprised about the performance from Team 120.

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“Appalachian state came to play. I don’t know if we came in too big headed but I think the team learned a lot,” said Vol fan Jacob Kyte.

Thursday night’s tough win is also raising concern over the Battle at Bristol showdown.

“I am concerned to the point of you know….are they going to score enough points? Is the defense going to stop them?” said UT fan Ryan Yates.

Fans are not only worried about the Battle at Bristol but also worried about the rest of the season.

“I think if that’s how close it was to a smaller level team, going into SEC games might be a little more tricky,” said UT student Caetlyn Norman.

However, some fans are staying optimistic by remembering something similar that happened in 1998.

“The year that we won the national championship. The very first game we had a rough go. Won in the final seconds. There is a good chance that if we keep playing better, we might win them all,” said one fan.

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