2 inmates back in custody after escaping Hawkins County Jail

ROGERSVILLE (WATE) – The Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office says two inmates who escaped the county jail Monday are back in custody.

The Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office said Derek Nathaniel Short, 30, and Timothy Millard Rose, 33, escaped. Both were taken back into custody on Tuesday.

Sheriff Lawson said the inmates escaped while they were in the recreation yard. Deputies said inmate James Mullins held the door open while Jody Horner and Patrick Ryan blocked the view of a correction officer. Rose and Short went out the door and scaled the security fence.

An intense search began which lasted Monday night and into Tuesday. Around 10 a.m., a white Dodge Truck was reported stolen from Kitty Lane, near the justice center. Short was taken into custody at the home of Ashlei Shanks, 24, in Rogersville. Timothy Trott, 28, was also in the home. Shanks and Trott were arrested as well.

Later Tuesday evening, the stolen truck was found in the Lowe’s parking lot in Kingsport. Rose himself was then located on Hoover Street in Kingsport and was taken into custody.

Short had a broken ankle from his jump over the fence. Rose had two broken ankles and both escapees had several cuts from the razor wire fence.

Rose and Short are now charged with felony escape in addition to their previous charges. Horner, Mullins and Ryan now face charges of facilitating escape and Shanks and Trott are charged with accessory after the fact.

Rose was originally being held on charges of maintaining a dwelling where narcotics are sold, possession of drug paraphernalia, and unlawful possession of a weapon, with a bond set at $10,000. Short was in jail on four counts of violation of probation, theft of property under $500, evading arrest by foot, resisting arrest, assault, criminal impersonation, and failure to appear. He was being held without bond.

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