Mother accused of torturing daughter, 10, raping her with 2 others

Fabian Gonzales and Michelle Martens, jail booking photos

ALBUQUERQU, New Mexico (WFLA) — Charges have been brought against three people in connection with the horrific death of a 10-year-old girl at an Albuquerque, New Mexico apartment complex.

Police found the slain girl Wednesday morning after responding to a domestic disturbance call.

Late Wednesday night 31-year-old Fabian Gonzales and 35-year-old Michelle Martens were booked into custody. Police say they are dating. 31-year-old Jessica Kelley was hospitalized, an Albuquerque Police Department spokesperson said, and will be booked after she is released. She is Gonzalez’s cousin. Police also confirmed Martens is the girl’s mother.

According to APD, the three tortured the girl by drugging and raping her.

“They injected this little girl with methamphetamines to make her calm down so they could do what they wanted to do to this little girl,” said APD spokesman Tanner Tixier.

She was stabbed and strangled to death. Police say the three then tried to dispose of her lifeless body.

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