Tennessee Rep. Martin Daniel booked in Knox County jail

Martin Daniel (Knox County Sheriff's Office)

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Tennessee Representative Martin Daniel was booked into the Knox County jail at 7:37 a.m. Thursday.

Representative Martin Daniel is charged with assault, a misdemeanor citation. Daniel is accused of shoving Steve Hall, who was one of his opponents in the Republican Primary, during a live radio show appearance on July 21.

Witnesses in the room told officers that Daniel and Hall got into an argument, Hall called Daniel a liar and Daniel walked over to Hall and stood over him. They said Hall tried to get up from his seat, but Daniel used both of his hands to push Hall vigorously back down into his chair.

Daniel won the Republican Primary for State House District 18 on August 4. Daniel ended up with 39 percent of the vote to Hall’s 28 percent.

“We were cautiously optimistic that we would have a win, but a 13 percent win is a little more than we expected. We’re just so grateful to the voters that they were able to see through the distractions that mean little to our representation of  their interests in Nashville,” Daniel said following the release of results.

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