Group looking for Knoxville people to volunteer abroad

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Growth International Volunteer Excursion volunteers are spending time in Knoxville this week, looking for anyone interested in volunteering abroad. The organization takes on projects to help small communities in Thailand, Laos, Tanzania and Nicaragua.

“I was working in a village last year and we went up to a small village of only about 300 people, and they didn’t have access to clean drinking water because of a dam that had been built upstream. And the government wasn’t helping at all. So I partnered with GIVE to create a fundraiser called Run for Laos, and I ran the Great Wall of China Marathon and I raised $10,000 to buy the 6,000 meters of piping we needed to connect to a local water source,” said volunteer Sally McBride.

GIVE held several info sessions Thursday in Knoxville to discuss the program. Volunteers can also receive college credit for the trip.

More online: Give Volunteers


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