Fisherman drowns in Douglas Lake

5th drowning in Douglas Lake this year

Rescue squad works to recover body of fisherman in Douglas Lake.

DANDRIDGE, Tenn (WATE) – Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency said crews have recovered the body of a fisherman that drowned Friday morning in Douglas Lake.

The drowning happened near the TWRA Dandridge acces area off Highway 92, according to TWRA. Jefferson County Sheriff Bud McCoig said the man is 64 and from a neighboring county.

Officers said they believe two fisherman beached their boat on shore at around 9:30 a.m. While the men were out on the bank, the boat drifted away and the man swam to try to retrieve it. As the man got near the boat, officers said he went under and did not resurface. Sheriff McCoig said he was not wearing a life jacket.

This is the fifth drowning on Douglas Lake this year:

    1. In May, Richard Rolen age 70 drowned on Douglas after falling from his boat. He was wearing an inflatable life jacket but TWRA says it appears that it was not properly worn causing it to improperly inflate.
    2. In late June, John King, age 74 of Englewood Fla., drowned on Douglas Lake after voluntarily leaving a pontoon boat to assist some children who were swimming nearby with life jackets on. King was not wearing a life jacket, according to TWRA.
    3. In late June, the body of a man was recovered on Douglas Lake near Indian Creek who may have fallen out of a boat.
    4. Just before midnight on July 23, a man drowned on Douglas Lake after falling from a boat that was moored at a community dock at the Boulder Crest Villas.

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