Tomato facts: Why is the plant so popular?

RUTLEDGE (WATE) – The Grainger County Tomato Festival kicks off Thursday. There will be music and activities at the event. But why do so many Americans love the plant that was once called a “love apple?”

Vegetable or Fruit?

  • Tomatoes are technically fruit. Fruit must have seeds and grow from an angiosperm. However, The Supreme Court ruled that the plant was a vegetable after a lawsuit concerning a tax on vegetables in 1893, according to Business Insider. According to the University of Delaware, tomato is the state fruit of New Jersey and the state vegetable of Ohio.

Health Benefits

  • According to the Huffington Post, tomatoes can do wonders for your skin. The plant’s acidity can rid your face of pimples. Tomatoes contain Vitamins C and A, which can help with oily skin. Using tomato juice for hair treatment can help with dry hair and itchy scalp.

Ketchup Origins

  • Many Americans love putting the tomato paste on hot dogs, burgers and more. However, tomatoes were not always in the condiment. Food journalist Katie Quinn explains on Great Big Story, that ketchup was originally made from fish: bladder and stomach. Tomatoes were added to the recipe in 1812.

World Popularity

  • The plant is very popular in the United States. However, the country is second when it comes to being the top producer. First place goes to China, according to HGTV.

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World Records

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