Maryville toddler severely burned by metal plate at pool

MARYVILLE (WATE) – A one-year-old in Maryville burned his feet after walking on a metal plate at Alcoa City Pool.

Holly Toler said her son, Kuinton, was walking around the baby pool Wednesday when he stepped on a hot metal plate. Toler said her son received second-degree burns from the plate.

“He was just there and stepped up and bam, it was that quick,” said Toler. “To just see the skin bubbling up immediately. You can just imagine the pain my son has been in.”

Toler said medics wrapped the boy’s feet and told Toler he can’t walk for at least a week. She was told it is going to take a month for his feet to heal.

After the burns, Toler said she wants to warn other parents about hot surfaces. WATE 6 On Your Side tested playground slides at Fountain City Park and found the surface temperature of the slides was over 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Temperature of slides at Fountain City Park
Surface temperature of slides at Fountain City Park

“That is crazy. That is too hot to be playing on anyways,” said Ashley Tucker, a parent who visits Fountain City Park. Tucker said her kid is ditching the playground for cooler play spots.

These are a couple things parents should look out for that could get hot enough to burn a child, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission:

  • Uncoated metal equipment or metal equipment where the heat reducing coated has rubbed off
  • Slides, swings or other equipment that a child may sit on
  • Dark-colored plastics and rubbers, especially the surfacing under and around the playground equipment

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