Program helps Oak Ridge residents make homes energy efficient

OAK RIDGE (WATE) – A new program in Oak Ridge is helping some residents make their homes more energy efficient.

Ten homes have been upgraded in Oak Ridge since April and there is enough money to upgrade about 200 more homes. TVA is funding the project, donating $2.9 million.

Qualified participants receive new free retrofits like a new energy efficient HVAC, water heating units and insulation.

Brittany Quilliams qualified for and relieved an energy efficiency upgrade about six weeks ago.

“They replaced my HVAC system and my duct work underneath my house and they added insulation into my attic. So it has definitely helped like I said with the cooling of it. And they also added two new vents to the other side of my house,” said Quilliams.

There are income qualifications that must be met to get the free upgrades. If you’re an Oak Ridge resident and would like to apply, call organizers at (865) 375-4656.

More online: Make Oak Ridge Energy Efficient

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