Strong storms leave behind damage in Knoxville, Knox County

Orlando Street in North Knoxville

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Strong storms that moved through Knox County Thursday afternoon caused some significant damage, including down power lines and trees, some of which fell on cars and homes.

Trees were reported on houses on Orlando Street, Burwell Avenue and Hiwassee Avenue in North Knoxville. Trees were reported down all across the storm’s path.

Knoxville Utilities Board reported over 22,000 people without power at the storm’s peak. The Knoxville Police Department warned people that because of power outages on Kingston Pike and Broadway that traffic lights were not working. Those intersections should be treated as four-way stops.

Power lines were dangling close to homes on McMurray Street and Hiawassee Avenue.

“You just kind of set on the porch and watch the people pass by, people fussing, ‘Have you got any electricity? When is it going to be on?’ I don’t know,” said Ronald Burleson.

While there were plenty of unanswered questions, one thing was for sure.

“We had winds blowing, rain, hail, we had some hail the size of tennis balls blowing across the house,” added Nancy O’Mary.

Her family was sick of boredom so they came to watch crews fix the transmitter,”They probably think we’re crazy!”

Further down Hiawassee Avenue, Jim Irwin had a bigger problem on his hands.

“We’re looking at a mess. We’re looking at an act of God,” he said.

Underneath a big tree which came crashing down were two very expensive things.

“There’s a truck and a car under there and they’re mashed,” added Irwin.

It was a similar story down on Freemason Street where a big tree snapped and was resting on a car. The mess was so bad it was blocking the street.

“It’s just everywhere you go. There are trees in yards and trees on houses,” said homeowner Laurie Hardin.

Many homeowners spent Friday tackling the mess left behind, just like the KUB crews throughout North Knoxville.

“There’s nothing you can do about it. It’s just one of those things,” said Irwin.

“There’s always a branch that comes down somewhere,” added Hardin.


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