Seymour storm damage caused by microburst

(source: Hot Rods Photography)

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – East Tennessee had a very active end to the week last week with three straight days of severe weather. Friday’s storms produced some of the worst damage, including in Seymour where the roof of a business was peeled off and landed on a nearby business.

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This was not the result of a tornado but rather a microburst. A microburst occurs when rapidly sinking air or a downdraft accelerates downward from a thunderstorm. They hit the ground and spread outward, like pouring a bucket of water on the ground. These winds can often exceed speeds of 70 mph and often cause significant damage to trees, power lines and structures.

(source: Ricky Matthews)
(source: Ricky Matthews)

Another microburst happened on Watauga Lake, just east of Johnson City. Meteorologist Ricky Matthews captured aerial photos. It is clear that this damage wasn’t from a tornado as the trees are all knocked down in the same direction and pushed over, rather than snapped off.

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