What wrong meds could mean for your pet

In this undated photo provided by the American Kennel Club, a pumi is shown. The high-energy Hungarian herding dog is the latest new breed headed to the Westminster Kennel Club and many other U.S. dog shows. The American Kennel Club is announcing Wednesday, June 22, 2016, that it is recognizing the pumi (POOM'-ee). It's the 190th breed to join the roster of the nation's oldest purebred dog registry. (Thomas Pitera/The American Kennel Club via AP)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Pets need medicine just like humans do, but the wrong medications can make a pet problem worse.

Susan Hobbs of the Indianapolis Animal Care and control stopped by 24-Hour News 8 to show what can go wrong when a pet gets the wrong medication.

Here are some of the questions she answered:

  • Should pet owners make appointments with vets for their pets when an issue occurs?
  • Do pets get regular pet visits?
  • Talk about some of the animals that have made it through IACC recently.

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