City of Knoxville cleans up leaking sewage from mobile home park

sewage 2

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – A WATE 6 On Your Side viewer asked for help Monday to get sewage leaking outside a convenience store from a neighboring mobile home park cleaned up. The caller said the sewage had been leaking for about two weeks.

A resident at the mobile home park on Sutherland Avenue said he’d seen the green runoff for over a week.

“This sewage here has been leaking from this trailer for little over a week now. I don’t understand why they haven’t gotten in touch with the landlord or got someone to try and fix it,” said David Shell, a resident of the mobile home park.

The waste pooled by the mobile home, leaked into a market parking lot and into storm water drains. An hour after WATE 6 On Your Side called the City of Knoxville’s Inspections Division to ask what the city was going to do about the leak, they were on site along with storm water engineers.

“When we went to the site we noticed that the waste was discharging from the one trailer. We contacted the property owner in which that trailer is set,” said Peter Ahrens, director of the Inspections Division.

sewage 3He says the property owner was contacted and the clog was cleared. He says the sewage on the surface is being cleaned up immediately.

“The concerns are obvious on the surface. It’s definitely hazardous to be exposed to that. Unfortunately anything that gets into the storm drain will be discharged into streams and ultimately the river,” said Ahrens.

On a second visit to the mobile home park in an attempt to speak with an owner, a woman who identified herself as owner of part of the mobile home park told our camera crew to leave the property. Shell says he hopes the sewage is cleaned up soon.

“Accidents do happen but this right here it’s a mess. It’s been going on for quite some time so it really needs to get cleaned up,” said Shell.

Ahrens says the property or trailer owner could face fines for having the waste going into the storm drain. This is still being determined by the city’s storm water engineering department. The city does have codes inspectors assigned to territories. Ahrens says if they saw this earlier they would have addressed it then.

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