Hundreds participate in Knoxville Pridefest parade

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Joy, love and confidence. That’s how many say they’re feeling this morning as they march in this year’s Pridefest parade.

Organizers saying they’re expecting the largest crowds to date.

While this is a big, there was also somberness, as people remembered the victims in the terrorist attack in Orlando.

So many people day holding on to one message, ‘We are not afraid.’

Rather than running from fear Linda Hinkle says she feels as though she is marching with the victims.

“Instead of just walking as three today, we feel like we’re walking as three plus 49 plus the injured,” she said.

While many people marched, they held signs with heartfelt messages.

“This way their light can shine and push all the hate that’s in the world out. it’s people like that we gotta remember,” said¬†Marvin Romines and Chris Posner.

Many saying it’s bravery that’s gotten them this far.

“We all agreed as a family right away that we weren’t missing pride,” says Hinkle.

To some taking part in Pridefest was more than just celebrating freedom.

Organizers said they’ve been working with Knoxville Police all week and that security will be tight.

They also said that bags were also checked for the safety of everyone attending the festival.



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