Knoxville churches hold vigil for Orlando shooting victims

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Many in Knoxville are still mourning for the victims of the shooting in Orlando. Forty-nine people were killed in the Pulse gay nightclub last weekend.

People gathered Thursday night for a prayer vigil at Overcoming Believer’s Church. The congregation was filled with sorrow for people they never met.

Prayers and songs filled the sanctuary as people looked for strength and offered support to Orlando.

“It says that people care. Even when you don’t know them, or when you don’t realize it. When you think people aren’t talking about it, people are talking about it,” said Elizabeth Mitchell.

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The pastors wanted everyone to know it was a community-wide event. Five churches from across Knoxville came together to invite anyone to come out and help the community heal.

“For people to be able to acknowledge that we’re all hurting and to acknowledge that through that we can come to something better and stronger and reach a better understanding of how others feel and how we can work together better,” said Ramsey Cohen.

They lit candles, looking for comfort from a higher power.

“My heart is broken. My heart is definitely broken,” said Mitchell.

They prayed the victims, their families and friends know they are mourning together.

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