Chinese buffet has first failing Knox County health grade in more than year

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – The first failing health inspection in Knox County in more than a year was at a Chinese buffet that had multiple issues in need of immediate attention.

Hibachi Grill & Supreme Buffet, 9645 Kingston Pike – Grade: 68, Reinspection Grade: 87

A grade below 70 is considered unsanitary by the health department. A follow-up inspection was required.

In her report, the inspector wrote a kitchen worker failed to protect food from contamination. While a worker was spraying the kitchen floor with water, some of the dirty water accidentally splashed into a container of unprotected cooked rice that was close to the floor. The contaminated rice was immediately thrown away.

Food temperatures were also off. Raw pork was at 50 degrees and steak at 48 degrees. The proper cool temperature is 41 and below to prevent the growth of bacteria.

When she checked an employee hand sink, there was food debris in it. That’s the wrong place to dump food. There was also food debris in a sink in which dishes were supposed to be sanitized.

There were flies buzzing around the kitchen at Hibachi Grill. The manager was told to call the restaurant’s pest control company.

Within two days of the initial inspection, Hibachi Grill & Supreme Buffet was reinspected. The new grade is 87. There will be another unannounced inspection within a month.

Web Extra: This week’s full inspection reports [PDF]

Bar Marley, 760 Stone Street – Grade: 72

When the inspector asked the manager of Bar Marley about food safety regulations, the manager could not provide any answers. Managers are required to be familiar with the rules.

The main cooler wasn’t working properly. The temperature was at 47 degrees. Milk that was even warmer was thrown away.

The inspector also wrote she found utensils being stored in the mop sink, which isn’t known to be too clean. A handsink for employees to use was blocked so they couldn’t wash their hands. Flies were also seen flying around the kitchen.

Top Scores of the Week:

  • Soup Kitchen, 47 E. Tennessee Avenue, Oak Ridge – Grade: 100
  • Chipotle Mexican Grill, 1701 Cumberland Avenue – Grade: 100
  • Wokchow, 4612 Kingston Pike – Grade: 100
  • Brixx Pizza, 7403 Kingston Pike – Grade: 100
  • McDonald’s, 9501 Kingston Pike – Grade: 100
  • Super Mario, 736 N. Broadway – Grade: 100
  • Firehouse Subs, 1708 Cumberland Avenue – Grade: 98
  • Jimmy John’s, 1905 Cumberland Avenue – Grade: 98

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